Discover Delicious! in downtown West Palm

In being a city girl all of my life, I have learned that for a fact cities are always changing. I had the pleasure of living in West Palm Beach for 2.5 years and within that time span so many restaurants have come and gone. I am a Miami native and have been back for 2 years now but still take time to go back and visit #ThePalmBeaches as often as I can. My foodie bestie @EatPalmBeach is actually a big influence as to why I keep coming back too… We were in need of a much needed girls day out in the city so we jumped on tour with @WestPalmBeachFoodTours to see what we could discover that we didn’t already know about in WPB. WE DISCOVERED DELICIOUS! Which is funny because that is their headliner on their itinerary.


Here’s the itinerary we were handed at our meetup and first location, Johan’s Joe. Behind my itinerary you’ll find Cristyle (@EatPalmBeach) doing her thing for the Gram.

Here’s what the food tour entailed (grab a napkin because you’re gunna drool)!

FIRST STOP: Johan’s Joe

We learned that “FIKA” is the Swedish tradition of what we call a “coffee break” here in the states. One huge difference between our coffee breaks and the Swedish version is that mindfulness is practiced. While in the states we grab a coffee and sip at our working stations (while working) during FIKA you stop what you are doing and take a minimum of 15 minutes to enjoy your coffee with any sweet delight of your choice. DAMN CAN I MOVE TO SWEDEN?! Below are the treats we tried.


SECOND STOP: The Blind Monk

Here you get to taste South Florida in one bite. Literally, we were greeted with a bite size ahi tuna tostada which was mixed with mango and avocados. It doesn’t get more local than that! Four our second tasting, we had toasts with a fresh tomato mix that is naturally made in house. Both of these dishes was paired with a Prosecco Mojito cocktail. At this time it was noonish, but whatever, its five o’clock somewhere, right?! Lets not ignore how gorgeous The Blind Monk is inside. The lighting is out of this wold. Every time I walk in here I never want to leave.


THIRD STOP: Hullabaloo

Hullabaloo has had dishes featured on The Food Network and the PBS show “Check Please”. Here you get to meet and greet the chef while he explains everything you’re about to munch on. They gave us a sample dish of three of their top selling and well known dishes. Hullabaloo has the bombest brussels sprouts! I also decided to indulge on a craft brew. You know me … Always on the pursuit of hoppiness, although I went for a Belgian this time.


FOURTH STOP: Pizza Girls

If you know anything about West Palm Beach, you know that the go-to pizza is always Pizza Girls. At the forth stop you get to pick your very own pizza slice. I went for the veggie and goat cheese. They had me at goat cheese! Fun fact: there have been many celebrity sightings at the Clematis Street Pizza Girls joint. Can you tell I was enthused about my goat cheese veggie pizza?!


FIFTH STOP : Pistache French Bistro

Here you get to sit down and feel fancy at this white table clothed sit down French Bistro. The owner himself came and said hello and talked about the delicious risotto we had to taste. I eat everything. Risotto usually isn’t at the top of my list of things to go for, because usually it is too watery for me… Finally, a risotto I can see myself going for! This was a mushroom risotto which was creamy and had just the right crunch at the same time.



SIXTH STOP AND LAST STOP : Ganache Bakery Cafe

Here you get to taste the tropics! We learned all about tamarinds, coconuts and key limes. The best part after learning was the tastings! We got to try naturally and in house made tamarind juice, coconut water and we ended it with the best key lime tart that I have ever tasted OUTSIDE OF THE FLORIDA KEYS!! Way to go Ganache! You’ll see me back real soon buying a dozen of those!


The entire tour was a total of a mile walk. In my opinion, it is worth the walk because in between your tiny feastings its nice to add a few steps in your day. Lauren, my tour guide, also took the walking time to talk about fun facts about West Palm Beach. We even got to see the new Bright Line train that will be running from West Palm Beach to Miami and making stops in Ft. Lauderdale as well. For more details on the train check out their Instagram or Website. I know I can’t wait! I will be taking advantage of this bad boy and you can catch me in #ThePalmBeaches more than usual once this is up and running!


All in all, I recommend that whether you are a local, tourist in need of fun ideas or even want to do something different for a date, birthday or any celebration; keep West Palm Beach Food Tours in mind. As a frequent West Palm Beach visitor and once local, I learned so much and enjoyed new dishes that I had never tried before. There is no better way to learn what West Palm Beach has to offer.

For more information on West Palm Beach Food Tours

Website | Instagram



@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii

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