About last week … So as if Thanksgiving feasting wasn’t going to be enough, I got invited to check out The Westchester’s collaboration with Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. where they offered a 4 course family style dinner and all plates were paired with a different beer. Now if you know me, you know I said yes because this equaled foodie heaven for me! Beer + Food?! I am there! Lincoln’s Beard is a brewery known to open doors to all locals and they embrace everyone’s weird side – what this means is come as you are, you’re accepted. So one could expect that this COULD get weird…


there was nothing weird about this event … In the contrary, the second you walked in you felt all of the “Oh’s” and “Ah’s” because everything was gorgeous! I would die for a food party themed the way this one was set up!


The plating area was just so clean looking, beautiful, and rustic. Not that Lincoln’s isn’t all that and a bag of chips – but honestly, the way everything was set up I even forgot that I was in a brewery!


Here’s the blueprint of all of the masterpieces that I am about to show you! Check out the little Lincoln’s logo in the bottom. I love it! They had to throw in the leopard prints somewhere! Haha! Fancy with a hint of the weird. I couldn’t have enough of the table set up; check it out in the background yet again.

And now for the deliciousness of this event:


Here you have the man of the hour Chef Daniel Ramirez. He is holding the passed snack of Barley Croquettes with Pickled Onion and Sour Orange Aioli ~ this was paired with the delicious beer you see at the bottom left called the P. Swayze IPA.

Here is a much more up close and personal look at the delicious croquettes. They were so good I had three! But shhhh … Don’t tell anybody! SH EMOJI

Here is the bombest melon salad that I have ever had! I went for thirds (thankfully there was enough to go around and strategically I sat at a smaller table) LOL! ~ This salad was paired with the Chet Belgian Tripel, which is actually my favorite beer at Lincoln’s! The feta cheese phenomenally enhanced this beer, which I didn’t even think it was possible that Chet could get any better!

Here you have plate number 4 which was Harpke’s Petite Roots which was another salad but a whole different animal than the watermelon one. This one was salty and had so many raw vegetables mixed in. The Nunchuck Skills American Wheat with Orange Peel was the perfect combo because it was the hint of sweet and citrus you needed.

Now for the ‘Avenge Me Red Roasted Pork’ which was Miami all in one plate! The pork was so juicy and tender, it sat on crushed potatoes covered in mustard greens. The little crunchies you see in the picture (you’re welcome for the closeup) are little chicharones. While some were in sight there were also some crunchies that only your taste buds showed you with every bite you took. Everything in this plate represents Miami! If you grew up in Miami or have lived in Miami long enough, you know what I am talking about! Luckily, they took the serving plate away from me so that others can help themselves; otherwise I would’ve eaten it all with tears of joy running down my face. This delicious plate was paired with the ‘Avenge me Irish Red’ which balances every taste out nicely. The name on both the food and beer were so appropriate… Avenge me they did!



And now last but not least … The Drunken S’more Bar – this dessert was truly drunken as it sat in dulce that was infused with the Big Whiskey Barrel Aged Brown Ale – the beer that paired to perfection with this sweet ending! When I spoke with Chef Ramirez, he mentioned how his dessert chef specifically asked him to stay away from the Big Whiskey Barrel Aged because she had something up her sleeve. This was it!

So who is The Weschester? Well, if I had to describe The Westchester in one word it’d be family. While more than half of the staff is actual family to Chef Ramirez; they did a phenomenal job while extending their arms while serving delicious food to make us all in that room feel like family as well! Not only did Chef Ramirez have some of his family work alongside him but he also had others eating at the beer dinner pairing. His daughter being one of them at the dinner – just before dessert she got up and began to help her dad with all smiles. This was without her dad asking her to! It just runs in her blood, she said. Chef Ramirez’s love for cooking is not only contagious but so is his art for making others feel loved. After the dinner, I stayed for another hour with friends conversing while he sat at our table for a few minutes. The culinary experience that Lincoln’s Beard Brewing and The Westchester brought to us that night was more than just a 4 course dinner that was paired with beer; this is the reason I named my blog “A Seat At Little Mariii’s Table” – it brought so many individuals together in the name of love via food AT A TABLE! I met new friends, saw old friends, had another beautiful night out with my partner in crime @Thirsty_Samurai_Piggy, reconnected and bonded further with our friends over at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing and all while seeing it all unfold with Chef Ramirez’s art work with his food and Master Brewer John Falco and his delicious brews.


from left to right: brother of the chef, Chef Daniel Ramirez, his daughter and cousin

Stay tuned via Instagram and follow The Westchester and Lincoln’s Beard Brewing for upcoming and exciting news! No dates have been said or set YET but The Westchester is planning on becoming Lincoln’s Beard Brewing’s official go to food. Now that Taco and Tattoo’s will be moving out soon, The Westchester has plans on building a shipping container where they can continue to provide grub for the Lincoln’s Beard watering hole. I am extremely excited for what is to come. In the meantime, come get accustomed with Lincoln’s Beard Brewing and come get #WeirdAtTheBeard.

Instagram for The Westchester

Instagram for Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.



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  1. samuraipiggy says:

    Great night with great people and food!


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