It is safe to say that Miami is very well known for their brunches. Just recently, Miami has also been picking up its craft beer game and Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. so brilliantly put both of these foodie trends together. Now why hasn’t any other brewery thought of this yet?! I had the pleasure of stopping by Biscayne Bay twice already; my first time was with my @Zipkick Miami foodie family, which although I got a nice peek of their beer and brewery with a tour; I was unable to taste all of the brews they had to offer. That only called for one thing… I  just had to come back with my partner in crime @Thirsty_Samurai_Piggy; boyfriend and Cicerone certified beer taster… Don’t let the label scare you, it just means he drinks a lot. LOL! In the heart of Doral, which continues to grow with local businesses everyday, you’ll find the gem of Biscayne Bay Brewing Co.



Once you walk into Biscayne Bay Brewing you’ll be greeted to a chalk wall to your left hand side. Given, the wall art changes ever so often but this is what I saw the last time I went. If you’re a craft beer drinker… You get the joke! Haha! Everyone (not just the walls) are filled with spunk in here.


This is the taproom. At the bar are friends of Thirsty Samurai Piggy and I. What is funny, is that we saw them the first time we came to Biscayne Bay by coincidence and once again we bumped into them at the same spot again! That should count for something, right?! 


Pricing for the brunch menu is a steal! The only thing that reaches $10 are for the bottomless mimosas which you can have with orange or guava juice (SO MIAMI!). Everything is the perfect size, I wouldn’t recommend sharing unless you get plenty of small plates to eat half and half with someone else. Which is what I did! I picked the avocado toast, created my own burrito and ended it with the breakfast sandwich which comes stuffed with eggs, ham and DUH a croquetta!

I had the pleasure to meet with Chef Jesse Harris who loves to cook to bring happiness to everyone’s face. Just look at his performance as he serves me my avocado toast. He also is one of the main chefs at the Bonefish Grill in Kendall. He comes from 10+ years of cooking and enjoys doing this everyday. Being born and raised in Miami, he also helped innovate the brunch menu with other staff members to bring all of the Miami feels to locals and tourist that come visit. I am in love, I am in love and I don’t care who knows it! The avocado toast is simple but so hearty and delicious and their tomatoes are always on point!


Here is my burrito which I built! I got eggs, Havarti cheese, and chorizo. The perfect size! The potatoes were the perfect little side dish to eat after the burrito was gone. Haha!


Last but not least, here is the king (OR QUEEN) of all deliciousness! Biscayne Bay’s breakfast sandwich is the winner when it comes to Best Miami Brunch Dish! For just $6 you can taste Miami in one bite. I immediately became the ‘heart in the eyes emoji’ while eating this. I will vouch for all locals but even more tourist to come here and brunch it out to get a feel of what it means to be a Miamian! SO GOOD!

Now as for their beer we started with the six lightest. I’ll save the extensive details for when you go check out @Thirsty_Samurai_Piggy‘s beer reviews but let me just say that their best seller ‘Fool’s Gold’ is in the middle for a reason (aside following the beer rainbow coloring chart). YUM! If you’re an IPA person, like I am, you’ll also love their delicious Double Nine IPA. It is a double but it goes down smooth!


This second flight was full of flavor. You got to taste their Mc Daddy as a Nitro which is always a treat because its the creamiest kind of beer you can get. El Roble is a whiskey barrel beer which is definitely a must try! You can really taste the oaky whiskey flavors in the beer. This is part of their limited release so jump on it while you still can. The one that tugged at my heart was The Dubbel, I am crazy about Belgian beers and the second you just smell it you know it is going to be legit! Yes, it was legit once I tasted it … *DAYDREAMING NOW*


If you’re a craft beer drinker then you already know that this last flight is dessert! La Colada which is the first one to the left, is their Cold Brew Cuban Coffee Porter and it is to die for! Just like their brunch menu their beer menu is also very Miami. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, this will make you a coffee (beer) lover out of you! This flight also carried Buenas Noches which is their limited release stout for the holiday season. There are two kinds, the beer itself is aged in Woodford Reserve barrels and then to make it funner (and even tastier) they have the same beer but with chocolate and vanilla flavors added on.


All and all I highly recommend that you come and try Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. for brunch and especially for the craft beer scene. They have bottomless mimosas for those who aren’t fans of beer – but just know that it just takes that one right beer to convert you. I highly recommend that you try flights with your friends to venture into the craft beer world. I promise you’ll walk out liking more than one brew. I am all about supporting locals and the second you walk into Biscayne Bay you feel like a local no matter what. I am looking forward to coming with with even more friends next time. Don’t miss out on this awesome local spot. Its definitely a voyage you won’t want to miss!



@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii


for more information on the brewery check their website out HERE

you can find them on Instagram too @BiscayneBayBrewingCompany

Ratings on their beer and brewery from Thirsty Samurai Piggy HERE

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  1. Jesse Harris says:

    chef Jesse here! thank you so much for your great write up of our humble brewery. your blog is excellent and I will be sharing it amongst my people in the food community!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. we will be back soooooon !! thanks for all that you do (and cook) for the Miami community !


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