I am sure we have all seen some of the activated charcoal craze going around on social media. I call it “do it for the gram” photos. Well, while my trip to Toronto I gave into the black food trend. I tried my very first black on black soft serve ice cream cone at a little shop called iHalo Krunch. This shop is super tiny and as simple as you can imagine it. They have white walls, little to no decor, a station where you can look at their hung up minimalist menu of their eight picks to try from. For me, that is all fine and dandy because they made it up on their delicious soft serve ice cream and their in house made waffle cones, which also comes with a surprise at the end… MARSHMALLOW! The marshmallow helps the ice cream from sliming out of the cone onto your hand and its a different sweet unexpected treat at the end. Below is what iHalo Krunch had to offer while I was there:

IMG_0097 (1)

In order of picture above: Ube | Charcoal infused Coconut | Matcha | Vanilla

iHALO (2)

They also offer mixtures of the four original flavors


Unfortunately, I only took the one photo of me holding up my delicious black on black cone. I thought I would’ve had more pictures because after finding this hidden gem and loving it so much, I thought I’d be back for a second time. Little did I know that I’d be wrong. So the reason of this blog post is to of course, let everyone know how delicious and picture worthy iHalo Krunch is if you’re ever in Toronto. I am also writing this to educate others about the pros, cons, and talk about my real life side effects with activated charcoal. Just an FYI I will be mentioning TMI in this post so if you’re sensitive to honest health & wellness articles, I am sorry and this is your chance to click exit.

If I haven’t lost you yet, I’ll start with the PROS that activated charcoal is known to have based on research. There is limited evidence that everything I am about to list is 100% true and that it applies to everyone (as you know we are all different). Activated charcoal is known as a very potent detoxifier, which aids in liver function. Many have claimed that it has become their hangover cure. Others have also claimed that activated charcoal helps with gastrointestinal issues like gas and bloating. And the most famous one, is that it aids in weight-loss. You can find activated charcoal in many food trends like; coffee which has been turned black, ice cream (like mine), as a powdered supplement for your water, and even in juice cleanses. So what exactly is activated charcoal? Well, it is what you get after the extreme heating of coconut shells until they become carbonized. That powder is then steam treated which turns the charcoal into a sponge-like molecule which upon consumption turns into a powerful absorbent in the body. This leads me to the CONS! Because activated charcoal is a high potent absorbent you need to beware if you are taking certain medications such as; hormones, Motrin (ibuprofen), and even bronchial medications such as albuterol. I say beware because even though you’re taking your medicine on time the charcoal is absorbing it and eliminating it from your body which can make your medicine ineffective.

As for my real-life side effects, I take birth control pills everyday. The very next day after having the black cone I got my period, I wasn’t even due to have it for another week! It completely cut my medication from working. I am also blessed to have a great metabolism. I normally go to the bathroom twice a day and on a good day three. The very next day after the ice cream I went at least (but I am sure it was more) six times and it wasn’t pretty!! My POOP EMOJI was the same exact color of the black on black ice cream for two whole days! I had terrible stomach cramps and bloating for 24 hours as well. Not everyone will suffer like I did, like I said we all react to certain foods differently.  Certain side effects that come with too much consumption of activated charcoal does include stomach irritability, dehydration, and not so pretty yet black on black POOP EMOJI.

Moral of the story (at least for me) is do not eat / drink anything with activated charcoal unless you have your period and not on birth control. And perhaps, next time I will share my cone with someone rather than eating a whole one on my own. Clearly, my stomach couldn’t handle that much activated charcoal (it was also my first time) and I rather enjoy delicious things in moderation than not at all. So before you follow a food trend, make sure you read up on what is in it. I believe that everything with balance can be enjoyed and that is why I decided to post this blog up for my friends and followers. I wouldn’t wish black on black POOP EMOJI on anyone nor their meds going out of wack while trying to experience new and delicious things. Nonetheless, if you’re ever in Toronto, check out iHalo – they’re delicious, quick in serving, and its Instagram worthy allllll the way! Just be cautious and if you have to share, share! But if you’ve had activated charcoal before and you know it sits well with you THEN HAVE A CONE FOR YOU AND DEFINITELY ANOTHER FOR ME! Haha!

For more information on iHalo Krunch:

Facebook : @iHaloKrunch

Instagram : @iHaloKrunch


@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii

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    Maybe you’ll share with me next time. lmao!

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