There is always something new and exciting popping up in Miami and here I am informing you about another cool spot you should hit up. Muse Health & Beauty Spa has opened up its doors May 2017 and they are offering a variety of things for regulars who enjoy spa days and treatments for athletes of all levels! Muse’s main focus is health, beauty, weight loss and rejuvenation. Muse offers a wide range of health plans therefore, they have two doctors on staff and also are a certified laboratory where blood tests can be performed. These blood tests are offered to clients so that they can keep track of their health. Health isn’t only monitored by weight (loss) but also by checking out how liver, thyroid, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, CBC, and metabolism are doing. These are all things that with one visit you can check out for yourself with Muse. I recently checked them out and did one of their 20 minute EMS workout sessions. EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. The workout is a total body workout and don’t be fooled by it just being 20 minutes, while your muscles are being stimulated as you workout, you feel like you’re working out for an hour (speaking from experience, LOL)! What EMS does is mimics the action potential that would naturally come from your central nervous system, making your muscles contract. In just 20 minutes you have the ability to burn 3,000 calories while working out 300 muscles in the body. Actual benefits to EMS training is that it helps the body eliminate toxins while helping you look fit and toned. Check out the photos below for my total experience. Of course, I had to bring along my ride or die @Samurai_Piggy because 1) he’s a fitness monster and 2) I had never done this before so if I died he was coming down with me… LOL !!


This is me in a spa room where I had to change into this all black outfit (leggings and a mid sleeve shirt, made out of cotton) – provided by Muse

I thought that it was going to be a spa treatment while being put under electrical pulses but then shortly I found out I was being sent into a total workout class. The biggest mistake I did was that I ran 4 miles that morning just an hour before getting to Muse. It is advised that before your 20 minute session that you do not perform any other workout activities because your muscles can fatigue. I survived though!

First photo (top left) these are the machines you get attached to. The other photos of Haidar and I, you can see how we look like we are out of a Mission Impossible movie but that is how you’re wired and connected to the machine. And don’t worry it doesn’t get in the way of you working out properly. I forgot I even had it one once we started.

You feel ZERO pain, it is a tickling sensation that you will feel at first in your abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms. Once you begin your workout you won’t even pay mind to the feeling, you almost forget that it is there. I had such a good experience at Muse that I am thinking about adding this into my workout regime, at least once a week or once every two weeks. It gives you that extra push especially when you feel like you’re hitting plateaus. Now that the holidays are coming, I figured I’d share this spot with all of my friends and followers because if you can benefit from this class then take it!


Above we are pictured with our instructor Karen Soto who was patient yet pushed us both to our limits (yes, both because even Haidar the fitness guru needed the push).

The workout is amazing. All level athletes are welcomed! As I stated before, Haidar in comparison to me is a monster when it comes to fitness. I run, spin, and do yoga while he runs ULTRAS, lifts heavy at Crossfit, and coaches others. While the EMS class kicks your butt it is an awesome experience and I highly encourage you to do it with someone who motivates you. Haidar has an awesome background in coaching and alongside Karen who pushed me, he did too. I had tremendous positive reinforcement before, during and after the EMS class. And don’t get it twisted, we may have sweated a lot and worked hard but there were many laughs in between from seeing how much of a beating we were getting together. Karen also does an excellent job at keeping the room happy and good vibes going strong. The room you train in is also bright with glass windows; where natural sunlight shines in AND you get a nice peek of gorgeous Brickell. You walk out feeling light and refreshed AND AWAKE! I took it easy the rest of the day after having run 4 miles on the Rickenbacker Causeway at 6 AM to make it to Muse by 9 AM. In between I was fueled by my friends over at Raw Juce and Box Coffee to keep me awake and ready for Muse. I kept it super healthy because I wanted to help my body detoxify extra after the EMS training workout. I had to make it count! After Muse I hydrated heavily and hung out at home. I had the best sleep in a long time that day! I slept like a baby! If you have never tried out EMS (like myself) I highly recommend it. If you have body goals then this is especially the class for you too! The body is an amazing thing; push yourself to a new level and check out Muse’s EMS workout class.

Muse Health & Beauty is offering ‘A Welcome Gift’ for all first timers! Take advantage and bring a friend! The class holds a size for up to two people at a time to do the workout. You don’t have to do this fun / healthy experience alone; bring your ride or die like I did. PIG EMOJI

IMG_0052For more additional details and questions here’s how you can reach Muse:

Website :

Instagram : @MuseHealthAndBeautySpa

Facebook : Muse Health & Beauty


@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii

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  1. samuraipiggy says:

    Great workout and experience with a great partner.


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