Fitness and the craft beer scene do it again! Miami is getting pretty good at merging the two lately. Crossfit Shazam held their first beer mile this past weekend, Saturday and anyway you look at it, it was a huge success! It was a very rainy day in S. FL with tornado warnings inland and all but the event went on rain or shine! Shazam had a link on their Instagram’s bio, which saved you $5 ($25 per person online and $30 for upfront). Walk ins were welcomed; this was whether you were a member or just a local in need of some fitness and fun. This price included the mile run of 4 X 400 meters (one mile total), before each 400 meter run you had to chug 6 ounces of J. Wakefield’s El Jefe (their go-to Hefeweizen). After the race was over you had unlimited access to beer which they also had J. Wakefield’s Hops 4 Teacher (their year round IPA) and the best part … FOOD! This event wasn’t your regular running event, it felt like a family’s backyard BBQ. There was literally a BBQ on site grilling Brazilian and vegan sausages nonstop all afternoon. After the beer mile was over and the winner was announced, there was beerlympic games going on, everyone going around getting to know one another, endless smiling faces, and cameras flashing everywhere you looked. Shazam does an amazing job at making EVERYONE feel welcomed. I for one, had only walked into their gym once before their beer mile event and I felt like a part of their growing family. It doesn’t matter if you have been there once, twice, or 100 times. If you’re there, you’re family! That entire afternoon I felt like I was at a family BBQ with a bunch of my cool cousins and uncles, just having a good time.

Saturday was kind of crazy, before attending Shazam’s beer mile at 2 PM I attended St. Jude’s 5K at 8 AM with @Samurai_Piggy. I ran a total of 4 miles on Saturday so the sausages, beer, and fun were the perfect treat for me. The cool thing was that @Samurai_Piggy himself placed first, overall running a 7:55 mile (which is fast AF considering he had a stomach full of beer)! He really doesn’t know how much of a beast he is when it comes to running (and chugging). Below I am pictured with this fast piggy. Don’t mind my crazy face, that is me after a mile run and 24 ounces of beer in me. Haha!


Giveaway prizes were given to the top three winners which made all of the effort worth it. And if you did not place you still got the dope atmosphere, with good vibes, good food, and the delicious unlimited beer. I hope they do this more often and that in time it gets out into the community (and that is doesn’t rain). With such a huge turnaround with rainy weather I know that with sunshine and blue skies more locals would come through and get sweaty to join in on the fun.

Shazam is always hosting different types of events, so if you did not make the run make sure to follow them on IG and sign up for their next one.

BEARDThey have “POUNDS FOR PROSTATE” on December 2nd in honor of No Shave November which honors men’s health issues when it comes to prostate cancer. There will be a groomer on site for gentlemen who grew out their beards and need trimming! So that is something dope to keep in mind! You will find me and @Samurai_Piggy there supporting a great cause, so come join us!

Instagram : @ShazamFitness

Facebook : @CrossfitShazam

Website : http://www.crossfitshazam.com/en/home/

BEER CHEERSBeer provided at Shazam’s beer mile event : @jwakefieldbeer

P.S. wish me luck – today’s my first official day starting my crossfit journey. I will keep you guys up-to-date with my progress and hopefully I don’t die. LOL!


@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii

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