I am back with another blog post for “when fitness meets food…” and here’s ‘ANOTHA ONE’ at The Tank Brewing Co. Just last month in September The Tank Brewing Co. held the first ever craft beer run in Miami and now they’re back at it again but this time bringing yogis into the craft beer scene. The vinyasa yoga class was held by the awesome Samantha Cabrera which welcomed all level yogis for a cost of only $10 for an hour long yoga class and a celebratory beer of your choice of La Finca (Belgian-style wheat saison) or El Farito (their American IPA). The class started at 11 AMĀ  … Don’t judge us on the beer, it was 5 o’clock somewhere! Right?! Haha!

So who exactly is The Tank Brewing Co. ?! Let me take you on a short tour of who they are. Carlos Padron, the owner is a graduated lawyer. Having his Cuban roots and living in Miami for so many years he was always into the cigar scene. One day he ordered a craft beer while smoking one of his favorite sticks for the sake of something different. Seeing how passionate his server was about every ingredient that made up this crafty drink lit a fire in him to learn more about craft beers. Carlos isn’t a brew-master which made him want to go on the hunt for one. For the sake of keeping his heart and roots loyal to everything local, he ventured into the world of FIU where they have a beer making program and found his brew-master. The Tank Brewing Co. opened up a year and a half ago as a distributing center and just six months ago re-opened up as a full brewery with a tasting room, cigar room and a laboratory to ensure quality in every sip. This makes The Tank Brewing Co. one of seven craft breweries in Miami. Just before the yoga class began I was able to tour the brewery with my sidekick The Thirsty Samurai Piggy guided by The Tank’s one and only Stefano Medina, their Marketing Manager. Below are some photos of the gorgeous behind the scenes of where the brewing magic happens.


And of course, the best for last, here’s the laboratory that helps ensure that every time you come to The Tank Brewing Co. your favorite beer always stays consistent and as delicious as you last remembered it. The passion, love and detail that goes into your favorite beer at The Tank is mind blowing. After finding out that they are the first ever brewery in Miami to have their own lab really showed me how important it is to them to give their locals nothing but the best.

IMG_9611 (1)

Below is the tasting room:


Carlos Padron is a man of love and loyalty. Stefano Medina in fact is his daughters boyfriend and longtime friend to the family. As their goals aligned while Carlos ventured into opening his brewery and Stefano having long life dreams of working with breweries in the marketing world, they both joined forces and have created something great. It just takes one visit for you to feel what I am writing about. Every event that is hosted at The Tank feels like it is being held at a family members house. There are smiles for as far as the eye can see, such light and good energy all around, Miami vibes; from the food truck that is parked right outside, to supporting local fitness groups and quenching locals thirst with good quality craft beer. It has been said over and over inside of The Tank that of course, they aim to be the best, but that their ultimate goal is to create unity within the local craft beer world with all local brewers to unite the Miami community. If that doesn’t make you local supporters of The Tank Brewing Co. then you’re not a Miamian.

The Tank Brewing Co. plans on hosting these yoga events once a month so keep an eye out on their IG which is where their events are announced. COME! You have nothing to lose and all but a mindful workout and a good cold beer to gain.


The Tank Brewing Co. website :

The Tank Brewing Co. IG : @TheTankBrewing

Address : 5100 NW 72nd Ave, Bay A-1, Miami, FL 33166

Phone # : (786) 801-1554


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