The #SoBeSeafood couldn’t have been any more perfect; with the natural beach sandy floors, crashing waves in the back, tourist and locals swarming around in their best Miami attires, festive beachy live music, and fresh seafood!! Everyone whether you were VIP or GA had unlimited free drinks at the bar. You saw everyone double fisting out of bar lines because smart enough, people were allowed two drinks at a time. Talk about SO MIAMI! That is how we pachanga! GA bars included a make your own Bloody Mary where the mix was made for you but you were able to garnish it with whatever you wanted in the bar area, beer stations (my favorite was Pacifico Beer) but Corona Extra and Light was also provided. You could also find Jack Daniels and Kendall Jackson wines being served. Below are some of the beverages that I indulged in (more than once).

There were perks to having VIP; there was a section where the UM football game was playing and many gathered to watch, there was also a wine station for La Crema which was super cute and made me feel like I was in a vineyard.


What I enjoyed the most was the food and being able to meet the chefs of every place. Meeting chefs and learning where their love of cooking comes from makes everything come full circle. You gain a vast appreciation for the plate you’re holding in your hand and for the first and last bite you take out of their artwork. Yes, I even included below Morelia’s, which is actually my go-to dessert on our hot Miami days. I am clinically obsessed! LOL! Dragonfly has been coming in for the win on so many levels for me. Many know them for their Japanese food, especially sushi but don’t be fooled… They brought their A game when it came to seafood! The second photo were their delicious crab fritters; the combination of sauces that they used and toppings just brought out the freshness of their crab on the inside. You will also find below their baby octopus on a stick which were actually priced at $1 each and ALL of the proceeds went to helping Puerto Rico due to the latest Hurricane Irma disaster. How awesome is that?! I was going to go back for 100 more but when I re-made the line and asked for more they were already sold out. Delicious food for a great cause is seriously a no brainer!!! I can see why they sold out instantly! Up next, the third photo on the top was from Rusty Pelican, which was actually the last dish I had before walking out of the festival. I had the pleasant surprise of talking to Chef Jim Pastor over his winner dish from the festivals competition. It is always a double-wami when you can get insight from the artist at work himself! The good talk made me look forward to checking out Rusty Pelican for more of the goodness he/they have to offer. Meat Market had their juicy steak. Every bite had juice spilling out and it was cooked to perfection, the meat was pink and tender on the inside while the outside cooked just enough to taste some of the smoked meat. TO DIE FOR! The Naked Taco had the best fish tacos (in my opinion) and their crab claws were filled with meat. What made it even better is that they gave them to you already cracked! Talk about VIP service! But the best part is that they had lines in GA and VIP so we all were treated with love and equally when it came to them.

I never thought I would be a fan of food festivals, as from the outside they just sound gluttonous to have so much food served while there are many others in the world without good nutrition. Never judge a book by its cover is what I always say … And the reason I stand by that is because SoBe Seafood Festival actually has part of their proceeds going to a foundation called Community Infinitives which helps youth within our community eat balanced and nutritious meals to aid in growth and development and ultimately happiness. All what I stand for and the reason I enjoy blogging about food is to bring out love and it was all found at The SoBe Seafood Fest. I enjoyed attending The Sobe Seafood Fest, colliding with new beautiful souls, growing current friendships; this event was nothing short of good vibes, good food, and hellah good refreshing drinks. I am looking forward to checking out all of the participating restaurants individually and for what Sobe Seafood has in stores for 2018.


CHEERS FROM BEER CHEERS #LifeOfTheDank , #EatingWithLittleMariii , & #ThirstySamuraiPiggy!

Website for Sobe Seafood Fest :

Instagram for Sobe Seafood Fest : @SoBeSeafoodFest


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