Being a foodie is fun stuff but not always the healthiest. I try to stay active but even after a week of bad eating no matter how much I sweat, my body will still be screaming for help. One thing many of you may not know about me, is that I have a secret life in the medial world. I am very enthused when it comes to gastroenterology (it all comes full circle with my foodie obsession). The motto “abs are made in the kitchen” is 100% true – because no matter how much you work out if you eat bad your insides could be rotting. Your stomach is the second brain of the body. Did you know that by just changing your diet and loving yourself a little more by being mindful in what you eat, can help restructure your DNA for the better? Food for thought (LITERALLY)!

I have been following @MiamiWellnessClub on IG for sometime now; they have the healthiest feed and also fun giveaways! This is how I found out about who @UnleashLifeToday is, because I actually won one of the many giveaways that I have entered. I won a week worth of juicing ~ but I must admit that because of a tiny hiccup that occurred in my apartment building I got a week and a half worth of juices. The way to my apartment complex is designed, can be a bit confusing and someone else ended up with my original package … Instead of making a big deal about the whole situation Derek, the marketing and sales director actually saw it as a win/win because with his juices he figured he was helping someone else. How beautiful is that?! That left such an amazing impression on me even before even trying their product – I live to touch others for the better, to light fires, and show love, so that one person at a time I can soften the world and make humanity better. That is exactly what Unleash Life stands for too. After that, I was even MORE excited to try their juices. Although, I had to wait for the next day for my delivery, it certainly was worth the wait because I got extra juices to last me a week and a half and the results plus the taste were phenomenal!


My package included:

1 – 13 ounce Pineapple Recovery ~ my all time favorite after a long run

3 – shot size Tumeric Ginger ~ after I ran out of Bitter Melon this was my AM ritual

1 – 13 ounce Green Life ~ after I ran out of Pineapple Recovery I switched to Green Life

3 – shot size Bitter Melon ~ my go to when waking up before breakfast

1 – 13 ounce Beet Tonic ~ I took 4 oz before bed which aided bowel movements in the AM

1 – shot size Beet Tonic ~ ^

Above are the juices I received. Although these are the only ones I got, there are many more flavor options available. The thing with Unleash Life is that they cater to your needs, they ask you questions about yourself and health goals; things you want to work on, any diseases you may have, etc. to get you on track with the right juices. My goal was to have better skin, maintain my healthy digestive tract, and weight loss. By no means, does Unleash Life say or think that they are medical professionals but they do back up their juice philosophy with facts and research. And then again, since when did all natural, raw, cold pressed juice every hurt anybody?! NEVER! If there is one thing I know, is that many of us with our busy lifestyles, fail to get enough fruits and vegetables in. Unleash Life can help you with that (and super on-the-go friendly)!

In a week and a half I lost 5 lbs, and this might be TMI but I usually go to the bathroom twice a day and with juicing I found myself going three times some days! My diet did not change, I had juice 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast, I ran as usual, only this time now I had a 4 ounce juice after my runs. Nutrition is very important when it comes to losing weight and maintaining the weight loss. Many think that by starving yourself and / or only drinking juices is the answer but it isn’t. Juices, in my opinion should become a part of your ‘LIFESTYLE’, it should be an added bonus to everything you do in order to add all of the essential vitamins and minerals we all need. And with a week and a half of adding raw vegetables and fruits into my diet thanks to Unleash Life I managed to hit my goal and still maintain the weight off. Now that my week and a half has ended I plan to continue to juice with them … And not only that, I had saved a Tumeric Ginger shot for my boyfriend and guess who is jumping on the juicing lifestyle with me too ?!


I love when food is the catalyst that helps humanity and helps people come together. Unleash Life stands for something greater than weight-loss; it stands for a better tomorrow and better humans in it. I will continue to juice for as long as I can because a healthier me is a happier me and it is the only thing I have control over in order to live the best life that I can. I am thankful that the universe (IG / @MiamiWellnessClub) brought me to Unleash Life – and now I bring you to them ~ this is how I make humanity better – by passing on the good from my blog to reader.

Company information:


4874 NE 12th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

(774) 275-1209




@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii

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