Do Yourself A F(ℓ)avor


Flavor Palm Beach is the time of year, in September, where restaurants all over Palm Beach come together to make a menu of their best dishes at affordable prices. For the most part, menus for an affordable price include an appetizer, entree and dessert! Its basically what I like to call ‘Foodie Heaven’! Some of the restaurants that participate in Flavor Palm Beach are very well known while others are hidden gems. It is thanks to Flavor Palm Beach that the hidden gems are able to come out into the bright center stage light and get known. One of those hidden gems happened to be Sandpipers Cove. I lived in West Palm Beach for 2.5 years and still often travel back and never had I heard of who Sandpipers Cove is! Lets just say that thanks to Flavor Palm Beach this was a match made in heaven! Flavor Palm Beach so graciously held an Instagram giveaway for a few lucky winners to win gift certificates to different restaurants. I entered and asked many of my friends to enter as well and luckily, my boyfriend, Haidar won. Luckily because he had no choice but to take me with him, bwahahaha! Unfortunately, South Florida got hit hard with Hurricane Irma but on the bright side this years Flavor Palm Beach was extended until the first week of October because of that. So we hit the road from Miami Dade County to The Palm Beaches to adventure and explore and eat hellah good at Sandpipers Cove.

For starters, Sandpipers Cove has a gorgeous location. Just take a look at the photo I have added above. As you make your way to the front doors your engulfed with the gorgeous condos on your left hand side and the amazing smell and view of the marina on right hand side. The ocean is my zenscape, so for me it was already racking up brownie points before even eating. I have added more photos below to give you more of a glimpse of what I felt and saw.


Chef Joe Peebles who is the executive chef at Sandpipers Cove (and The Alchemist in Clematis Street) made many surprise appearances at our table after every dish. It was such a pleasure to meet him and taste his passion via every plate that was set before us. From the complimentary bread we got, to our appetizers, entrees, dessert and coffee; everything was phenomenal! Haidar (my boyfriend) and I were actually shocked at how amazing everything tasted. Not because we doubted it would be a great place but because it was such a hidden gem and we had never heard a peep about who Sandpipers Cove was – it almost felt wrong not to share my amazing / mouthwatering experience because I want everyone to come and enjoy bomb views and even better food!

The Flavor Palm Beach dinner menu included everything pictured above for just $30 per person! Cheap and delicious! Sandpiper provided all the of the good vibes, tastes, smells, and views. There was actually a wedding going on in their cocktail / event room so there were definitely extra smiles all around. But then again, if my or any wedding I attended had food provided by Sandpipers Cove I’d also be smiling hard. I cannot wait to come back to dine with Sandpipers, it was such a great experience and after having a full day in The Palm Beaches, we definitely did the best for last.

Sandpipers Cove also offers wine happy hours on Wednesdays ’cause “WINE NOT?!” and cooking classes once a month with their very own executive Chef Joe Peebles. I would highly recommend Sandpipers not just for a romantic dinner but a nice daytime lunch with nice views or even if you just want a nice bar, with good vibes, good options, and I cannot stress enough … THAT VIEW THOUGH! Stay tuned, I am not done with Sandpipers just yet … There’s still so much more to explore and I am definitely going to be hitting up one of their cooking classes. Practice makes perfect and no better way than to start practicing to get better and learn from the best Chef Joe!

So “Do Yourself A F(ℓ)avor” and go check out Sandpipers Cove!


Sandpipers Cove Restaurant and Bar

116 Lakeshore Dr, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

(561) 626-2280


Flavor Palm Beach – @FlavorPalmBeach

Chef Joe Peebles – @gringoshef


@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii

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  1. samuraipiggy says:

    I would definitely come back here for a food baby any day of the week!

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    I would definitely come back here for a food baby any day of the week!


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