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Before I began my foodie blogging journey, I always had an iCloud private folder for myself of places I wanted to check out in my hometown. The Local House was always up there on my list but as all humans we always make excuses to come out of our comfort zones and get too caught up in our roles within society. I live for not just good food but also good vibes. I practice the motto “if not now, when?” everyday that I wake up. That is why I began to blog about my local adventures so that perhaps I can light some fires in others so that they too can live good, eat good, and feel good. Finally, this year, I checked out the stunningly chic (and delicious) The Local House. My first visit was for a late lunch which obviously left me wanting more so I set up another date for brunch.

My blog is called ‘A Seat At @littlemariii‘s Table’ because the dining experience is more than just where you eat, what you eat, but also WHO you eat with. Both times I have visited The Local House with no one other than Haidar (@samurai_piggy); who is my lover, best friend, ride or die, and partner in crime. Both of these times we have had an exceptional time and bonding experience. Vibes are real and The Local House is filled with nothing but good ones. You are greeted with smiling faces, The Local House is filled with nautical / beachy chic vibes. The servers are not only trained to serve but are also equipped to bar-tend. The extensive knowledge they have of what goes into your drinks and food makes you feel good. I honestly felt like I was home at The Local House the first time but even more the second time having met with Nicole, the social media and marketing handler of The Local House. Nicole actually had a seat at MY table after I finished my brunch (which was my second visit) and got to know me and Haidar. Food, bringing people together, and creating new friendships. That is what it is all about. After my brunch I was taken on a tour of the Sense Beach House Hotel. Don’t get it twisted with the word ‘hotel’ there is a reason why the word ‘house’ comes before that! It feels just like that, a house. The Sense Beach House is a very charming boutique hotel, very cozy, and only has 18 rooms! The pool rooftop is private and feels exclusive. There’s a certain special vibe I love about boutique stays, they make you feel important. Now that I have visited The Local House for brunch and lunch there are only two more things to check off my bucket list; do dinner and stay in one of their gorgeous rooms for a weekend getaway. I will definitely be checking those things off the list before 2017 ends.

Below are photos of what I had for brunch:

WAVES The Local House has THE BEST COFFEE I have ever tasted! They carry JoJo Coffee & Teas. Their coffee creamer is also so thick and creamy, OMG I am having withdrawals right now writing about this.

WAVES Drinks we tried were the Italian Bloody Mary which had a thick cut of baloney, mozzarella cheese ball, olive, and half of a tomato on the stick; the tomato juice was made fresh and in house AND YOU CAN TELL! We also had the Bellini because sometimes simple is good. It was delicious nonetheless.

WAVES For the entrees we tried the lobster benedict which was by far, the best I have ever tried! The lobster was so juicy, thick, and fresh! There was also a little lemon zest on top which gave the entire plate life! We also tried the Mediterranean benedict which had hummus, sauteed spinach, hearts of palm, olives, and capers. It was like having a salad with poached eggs. It was definitely a party in my mouth! There were just so many flavors that meshed SO well together!

HEART And lastly, this doesn’t come on other peoples menus but the last photo is of Haidar. He thought I was showing off my drink but I was only trying to capture him. No good meal comes without good company.

Below are photos of our lunch:

WAVES We started off with rose and the drink called Beyond Good and Evil which included Rum, Triple Sec, Jalapeno, Lime, and Passion Fruit. We also started with the goat cheese croquettes and the Brussels Sprouts.

WAVES We then continued onto The Local Poke – which I really was not a poke bowl fan until I had it at The Local House. I feel like poke bowls should be handpicked and made by the chef. When you add too much onto something it loses its flavors and value. The Local House did an exceptional job in picking the simplest and freshest ingredients to help their poke taste extraordinary. One word to describe their bowl is FRESH! The poke bowl came with fresh diced tuna, carrots, edamame, avocado, cucumbers, topped with Nori and their soy ginger sauce. 5/5 stars for me!

WAVES Next we decided to go big or go home! We ordered the Chuck Brisket & Short Rib Burger which was extra cheesy with their melted white cheddar cheese, arugula shallots, avocado, tomato, in a brioche bun.

WAVES And the best for last, their amazing Key Lime Pie! The best! I did not know about their coffee when I came for lunch but now that I do, the next time I come in (which will be for dinner) I will be ordering this with a side of coffee!

Lastly, here are photos of my tour of the gorgeous Sense Beach House Hotel:

I took photos walking into the restaurant which then leads you into the lobby, you take an elevator to the rooms, and later I ended up on the rooftop. The last photo was something cute I found in the bathroom; even the bathroom feels like home! I can’t wait for my next visit. The Local House has a special place in my heart (and stomach). For me it is the perfect staycation or vacation spot. Just steps away from the beach, you can see the ocean from the rooftop. You feel at home, loved and valued. What more can you want from a place far away from your real home? Stay tuned for my next adventure that awaits me at The Local House and Sense Beach House Hotel! I’ll be sure to blog about it.

For restaurant information and reservations :

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