Its another day in paradise, with another concert, and another “Miami Guide To…” post! Today I bring you concerts at The Fillmore. Yes, it is a much smaller venue in comparison to The Triple A but intimate and beautiful (to say the least). I have seen many concerts this year, at this venue and by far, it is my favorite spot in Miami to jam to my favorite artists. The featured image on my post is of one of the four chandeliers they have hanging up inside, from simplicity, slight elegance, and dark, romantic colours, the intimacy you get with the artist plus the crowd is one of a kind. Don’t believe me? Check out these vibes for Foster The People, for yourself.


Unlike The Triple A, The Fillmore actually has a pretty dope selection in beers, Lagunitas being one of their featured beer. The cheapest beer I found though was $9 which adds up if you come in on an empty stomach and thirsty. But don’t worry… I got you! I found a hidden gem, just blocks away with the dopest vibes, dopest crowd, and by far one of the best happy hours I have seen in a while! Here’s a sneak peak of their menu… Ready…? 0.75 cents per oyster! And the quality is amazing, the price is out of this world! Below are some photos I took on Wednesday before my concert. Follow @SAMURAI_PIGGY as he welcomes you with the opened door to this hidden gem (chivalry isn’t dead ladies)! Haha!


Everyday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

As stated the oysters are fresh tasting, good quality, and only 0.75 cents each!

$5 glass of rosé

$6 white wines by the glass include: Riesling, Vinho Verde, or Manzanilla Sheery

$5 beers include: Narragansett Tall Boy & Stiegl Radler

$5 cocktails include: Classic Daiquiri, Aperol Spirits, & Moscow Mule

$7 cocktails include: Tommy’s Margarita, Rum Old Fashioned, & Gin & Tonic

I had two glasses of rosé, their rose is sweet, cold, and delicious! I am not a fan of Moscow Mules usually but I decided to give theirs a try and OMG, as refreshing as a cocktail can get! Lastly, I had to get my hands on the Rum Old Fashioned which was simply divine! I always say, you can always tell by how good a place will be based on their wines and their old fashions. Sweet Liberty is definitely a sweet spot to come by for happy hour and especially before your concert / event at The Fillmore. More drinks for your buck is always a good idea.

I will be checking Sweet Liberty out this weekend for brunch before Miami Spice is over. They have Miami Spice Dinner Menus as well! Luckily, we have Hurricane Irma to thank for the extended stay of Miami Spice. If you have time this weekend, check out Sweet Liberty’s Miami Spice brunch menu which is only Sunday from 12 PM to 5 PM. I have provided the menu below, stay tuned for my review blog post, and for pictures. Until then …


@littlemariii | #EatingWithLittleMariii

Miami Spice Brunch Menu



MUSHROOM TOAST Confit of wild mushrooms, mushroom puree, ricotta, aged balsamic, rustic toast




CHOPPED SALAD Local organic greens, Amish cheddar, honey-dijon-cider vinaigrette, smoked almonds, chopped eggs


FARMER’S CRUDITE PLATE Farm fresh raw vegetables, green goddess dipping


SMOKED DUCK BENNY Smoked duck breast over potato cake topped with sous vide eggs, sautéed greens, roast tomatoes, hollandaise


STUFFED FRENCH TOAST Cornflake crusted brioche, fresh bananas, vainilla cream, Kentucky whisky caramel, Vermont maple syrup


CHILAQUILES Salsa verde, corn tortillas, two free range eggs sunny side up, queso fresco, black beans


REUBEN  Melted swiss, freshly made corned beef, thousand islands, marble rye bread and house pickles


AMERICAN PIE Fireman Derek’s famous pie of the day, á la mode

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