The Dopest Container @ Wynwood; BOX COFFEE!

No one ever knows the work that goes into designing dopeness, let alone a dope coffee spot, set in Wynwood, that’s made out of a container!! This post is about the magicians over at YHCE who designed the foundation where Box Coffee makes even bigger magic happen (with their delicious coffee). A little background information on YHCE; they are a consulting engineering company that practices and offers services of structural and civil engineering analysis and design and construction services. They have been working on projects all over South Florida since 2005. Live and in color you can get to see one of their best projects yet over at Wynwood, known as Box Coffee. Box Coffee is only a few months old but already has been put to the test with how well their home was built with Hurricane Irma. As their container store surpassed winds from a 4 to 5 category hurricane, we have YHCE to thank. A more specific thank you goes out to Haidar Hachem, the civil engineer who was in charge of the Box Coffee project. Below you can find him sipping on a celebratory drink at Box Coffee.


YHCE’s civil engineer of Box Coffee, Haidar Hachem, sips on the Ginger Mule. Ingredients in this famously known refreshing drink includes: COLD BREW COFFEE + MUDDLED LIME + GINGER BEER + ROSEMARY ~ sounds interesting to say the least, right?! But I promise you, that it is the best and probably only coffee Mule you’ll ever have in S.FL!

Box Coffee offers a variety of different cold brew coffee and tea drinks, box specialty cold brew drinks which is what they like to call their very own ‘mocktails’, and even fill up growlers with cold brew coffee and / or cold brew tea. Here’s a neat fact about their drinks too; the cups they serve their drinks in are served over ice and in biodegradable cups! They’re delicious, different, have amazing coffee and teas, and show love to the environment! As if they weren’t likable enough already! See below for the drinks I tried alongside Haidar.

Pics : 1) Ginger Mule 2) Green Goddess & Ginger Mule 3) Rico Suave & Vanilla Maple

The ingredients have been listed below (for drooling purposes) for each of the drinks pictured and named above. Read below at your own risk! Do not say I did not warn you!

Box Coffee is truly one of a kind; from the designed structure of where they stand and proudly serve their delicious menu, to their beautiful employees, and amazing good vibes! Make sure that you make your way to Box Coffee whenever you’re in the Wynwood area or whenever you’re feeling hot and sweaty (which could possibly be any day in Miami). This is where the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” comes from because without YHCE, Box Coffee wouldn’t be possible. Here’s the beauty in how engineering meets food! Here’s a message from me to both of my friends : to YHCE keep on designing & to Box Coffee keep on brewing! Below are both companies information and location.
YHCE is located 99 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33125
Box Coffee is located 175 NW 27th St, Miami, FL 33127


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