It is only appropriate that my first blog post on my new and revamped page would be dedicated to the one and only RAW JŪCE. The first ever food place to ever open their doors to me as a foodie blogger was these guys! I was nervous, did not know what to expect, and although I am very good with people it was just something brand new to me. Barry who is the owner was so welcoming and enthused to have me. That first initial meet opened up for many doors for me, since then I have visited every grand opening they have hosted, and its an understatement to say that they are 5 stars out of 5 when it comes to clean good food AND PEOPLE! RAW JŪCE will always have a special place in my heart; on a bad day, you can walk into any RAW JŪCE location and you’ll walk out feeling good not just because you’re feeding yourself good stuff but because the people they hand pick to work for RAW JŪCE are amazing. I recently checked out the Coral Gables location and they were all out of my favorite Turmeric Ginger shot while I waited for my all time favorite Cocoa Crunch Bowl and the manager literally whipped up all of the fresh ingredients in front of me and made a shot for him and I. Best happy hour take backs I have had in a while! RAW JŪCE is a hangout, place to catch up with friends, a place to make new friends, and a especially a treat to #TREATYOSELF and #LOVEYOURSELF. Their entire menu is #RAW, all natural, no GMO’s, etc. In my book it is the best place in South Florida with bowls, its soft, creamy, thick, and delicious. Their fruits are always fresh and explode in your mouth with every first bite you take. I have made many memories in RAW JŪCE’s all around South Florida, it is actually one of my favorite places to meet up and collaborate with my favorite foodie bestie @EatPalmBeach.

Aside from my personal experience, RAW JŪCE is very knee deep into making a huge difference in this world; starting with home-base, South Florida. RAW JŪCE has worked with many schools by supplying healthier lunches for the student body, they recently worked hand in hand with @EatPalmBeach in feeding FPL workers who worked hard to help restore South Florida’s power, and work with many athletes to help fuel them with their nutritional needs. One of their recent projects in the works is working with hospitals to help with better nutrition. RAW JŪCE is delicious, gives back, and all about showing everyone in the entire world love through food, which is the message I try to transcend by sharing a table with others when eating good stuff. Thank you RAW JŪCE for being so ordinarily awesome!

So if you are a person of health and especially working on personal growth. What better way than to start by choosing places like RAW JŪCE?



Perks to a 5 star rating place like RAW JŪCE is that they always have rewards. Download their app before going in for your next visit and you will get $5 off your first order through their app. As you keep coming in you will accumulate points as well for future rewards. You’re welcome! 😉

A huge thank you to RAW JŪCE for all that they continue to do for not just me but for the entire South Florida community!


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